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  • Sky News

    2019/02/07 Sky News: Ofgem Raises Energy Price Cap

    Energy price cap 'unravels' as £117 added to bills

    The price cap policy designed to protect consumers has only been in place since January but critics say it is already in disarray.

    Millions of households will see an average £117 rise in energy bills from April after regulator Ofgem announced an increase in its price cap on default tariffs.

    Ofgem blamed higher wholesale gas and electricity costs for the rise, affecting 11 million customers - with a typical dual fuel annual bill going up from £1,137 to £1,254.


    Stephen Murray, energy expert at price comparison site MoneySuperMarket, said: "The cap was put in place to protect consumers from overpaying on their energy, but right now it's doing anything but that.

    "It's only taken five weeks for it all to unravel, and households up and down the country will be scratching their heads in confusion and wondering how the claims of 'fair prices' and '£76 per year saving' have disappeared, and so quickly."

    Richard Neudegg, head of regulation at uSwitch, said: "We are in a ridiculous situation where standard plans are likely to be higher in April than before the cap was introduced."


  • BBC News

    2018/11/06 BBC News: Plans Announced to Cap Energy Prices

    The new energy price cap will come into force on 1 January (2019), saving 11 million customers an average of £76 a year on their gas and electricity bills.

    Regulator Ofgem has set the final level of the cap at £1,137 a year for an average dual fuel customer who pays by direct debit.

    It means suppliers will have to cut the price of their default tariffs to the level of the cap or below it.

    Households in England, Scotland and Wales on default tariffs - such as standard variable tariffs - should be better off after the cap is introduced.


  • BBC News

    2019/01/01 BBC News: Energy Price Cap

    A new energy price cap has now come into force - but householders can still get a better deal by shopping around, consumer groups say.

    Regulator Ofgem has estimated that the new cap will save 11 million people an average of £76 a year.

    Typically, the cap means that typical usage by a dual fuel customer paying by direct debit will cost no more than £1,137 a year.

    Consumer organisations say that people could save more by switching suppliers.